Who we are

    -The SPACE- 
A safe place to be 
Access to support services
Access to information and housing advice
A place to build your skills  
We are a resident-led initiative overseen by Notting Dale Residents Advisory Board

We believe in supporting and empowering our community. We focus on our health and wellbeing as well as their social determinants such as housing. The Grenfell Tower fire has had a significant impact on our community and we are committed to rebuilding our lives our way : by shaping and deciding what services meet our needs and those of  our family. We believe that our community has skills and is resilient : this was demonstrated on the 14 June 2017 and the following weeks when through remarkable selfless acts our neighbours, friends and family stood stepped into the recovery efforts. This inspired residents of Notting whose vision for a better way translated through the Angels 4 Grenfell initiative informed and driven by the Notting Dale Residents Advisory Board, bringing local residents associations together

We operate a new resident-led model of service delivery that puts us in the driver's seat. Our SPACE centres are situated I various parts of our ward and open to all Grenfell affected residents. Whether you need to speak to someone, meet a friendly face, access therapy or other wellbeing services, join us and lets together shape the future of our area.

Thank you to our local ward councillors and local providers for  your support and confidence in our residents 

The SPACE (Freston Road) : for your community by your community

Our aims

  • to promote health and wellbeing 
  • to help ensure that residents play a vital role in the design and delivery of services
  • to help ensure that the voice of residents is heard and that their concerns are addressed
  • to promote social and community cohesion



Our story so far

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